Zones are a way of intelligently organizing design elements in an environment so aqs to maximize the ease and effectiveness of each area by arranging them based on the frequency of human use and plant or animal needs. The point of permaculture zoning is to group similar things together, or to place the things that … More ZONES


All worms eat rotting, organic matter. In the process, they aerate and cycle nutrients and minerals, digesting them with their bacteria, and turning them into castings, producing a great fertilizer. This makes the nutrients easier for plants to process by converting them into a more soluble form. Worm farms are convenient for producing a substitute … More WORM FARM


A Wicking Bed, or Sub-Irrigated Raised Bed, is an extremely versatile, effective, and water-efficient food production system. You can build your own with a modest amount of carpentry skills in less than a day, and when finished will be a long-term investment, lasting for many years. Their greatest benefits are that they are self-sustaining, self-regulating, … More WICKING BEDS