Vertical Farming is the practice of raising crops in vertical stacks without needing natural soil or sunlight. This can be made within high-tech, huge, multi-story, industrial sized buildings that use either artificial or natural light to grow and raise plants and animals. Or, they can be made using low-tech, do-it-yourself devices, and placed inside of … More VERTICAL FARMING


A swale is a long, shallow dug-out trench, running level along the contour of a slope, with an adjacent berm on the downhill side. The “berm” is a soft mound made of loosely piled, non-compacted soil which acts as a retaining wall. On contour means following the progressive decrease in the height of the land … More SWALES


Raised Garden Beds are cheap, easy, and sustainable. They can be done in almost any yard, of any size, and make a productive replacement for expensive, non-productive grass lawns. They are beautiful, reduce noise, and provide shelter from the wind and sun. In addition, they also keep weeds from growing in your soil, prevent compaction, provide … More RAISED GARDEN BEDS