Edges arise along the adjacent boundaries between elements or units. The edge effect is an ecological phenomenon that happens where two habitat types come into contact, and refers to the changes in population or structures that occur at these boundaries. Specifically, it describes the placement of two or more contrasting biomes, or ecotones, side-by-side, to use … More THE EDGE EFFECT


Clay pot irrigation using ollas is a self-regulating gardening system that provides sub-surface watering of plants, that is simple, affordable, and easy to implement, making it ideal for small farmers and gardeners. Ollas — or unglazed, baked clay pots — are one of the most ancient technologies with evidence of their use being found on … More CLAY POT IRRIGATION


Aquaponics is a sustainable, decentralized method of food production that merges aquaculture and hydroponics. It’s cheap to build and maintain, can be done in a small space indoors or outdoors, requires no weeding or digging, tolerates denser planting, and all the water is recycled in a closed, regenerative loop. The only water that needs to … More AQUAPONICS